Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elmo is on the way to Evan's Birthday Party!

Sneak peak on Evan's 2nd birthday cake:
                                     Handcrafted Elmo as a cake topper :)
Specially ordered by his beloved parents, just for his upcoming birthday party :) 
By Daphne's Kitchen

Finished Elmo Cake for Evan finally~~~~
9'' butter cake with chocolate ganache.
Simple design with red, blue and yellow circles but still it took me a while to finish this cake!

My Elmo is very shinny after final touch up :)

I hope they will love the cake and Happy Birthday to you Evan!
Have a great party :)
By Daphne's Kitchen


lena said...

wow, this is inpressive, lady!! i'm sure it wowed everyone!!

lena said...

oops, impressive..i mean!

michele @ i-heart-baking said...

your elmo looks awesome! what did you make him out of? great job! :)

Daphne said...

Hi Michele, I made the Elmo out of fondant ^^