Saturday, August 11, 2012

MIA 1st Birthday Party :)

Say Happy Birthday to Mia!
10'' square chocolate mudcake covered with fondant and decorated with handcrafted figurines :)
It took me a while to do the cake, and this cake is a real challenge for me as it is big and lots of figurines!
The baby blocks are the hardest one as it is very hard to get perfect square shape :P
I am glad that I finish it and I am happy with the outcome too^^

Miss Bunny, Miss Duckie, Mr Teddy and Mr Doggie will be attending Mia's birthday party ^^

Ready to be delivered ^^
Grace loves the cake, hope they have a great party with Mia :)

Party at home, the playground~~~
Very cute birthday girl - Mia in koala bear costume :
Happy Birthday to you little sweetie Mia~~~~


michele @ i-heart-baking said...

wow, great job on the cake! covering square cakes with fondant can be very difficult but you did such a good job!

Daphne said...

Thanks Michele!

ann low said...

I'm impressed! The cake looks so perfect and I wish I can do a job like yours :)