Monday, August 08, 2011

Attempts on making delicious Swiss Rolls

Daphne's SWISS ROLLS, Fresh Strawberry and fresh cream/ Chocolate butter cream with vanilla sponge /Pandan & Peanut Butter
I realise there's few tricks of making a swiss roll:
1. The Sponge (hard to get a good recipe)
2. The rolling skills without damaging/ cracking the sponge.
3. To get rid all of the air bubble or space of the cream when u roll up the sponge. Which is when u cut it, u see NO hollow space which caused by the uneven spread of the filling and pressure when rolling up the sponge.
4. Make sure you spread enough butter cream/filling, or you will end up a flat swiss roll which you wont get a cylinder shape ^^
5. When you are using fruits like Strawberry or sour based fruits: remember to soak them in syrup (water+rum+sugar+lemon juice), or else they gonna taste really sour when you bite the swiss roll together with the fruits ! 

This is so tricky, especially when you do it with solid foods like fruits inside the sponge, you gotta make sure the cream is enough to cover all of the hollow space caused by the fruits!

I try making swiss roll for few times, with diff tricky skills.
And now I learnt from my mistakes.
I love the Vanilla Sponge with fancy Chocolate pattern on top. I am gonna make a nice and different one next time :)

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