Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plain Scones with Butter & Jam

I learn how to make scones when I worked in Langham.
The serve it in afternoon tea.
This small little goodies served in warm with optional jam, cream or butter.
And it taste so good. I bet all the girls would love them ^^
And you know what, I just can't help myself kekekekeke
They are good to go with coffee or tea, perfect combination for a relax evening while you can have some chit chat with your partners or friends.
Simple ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter and baking powder.
Some of the recipes are using self-raising flour though which you can neglect  the baking powder I guess.
You need to have basic equipments like rolling pin, scone cutter and preferably a mixer.
I mix the dry ingredients and the butter with a hook attachment until its crumbly.
Then I add in the eggs and milk.
Tips: Adjust the amount of milk when necessary, sometimes when the dough gets to wet,
you just have to stop pouring in the milk, add some flour if needed.
You don't have to follow exactly what the recipe ask you to^^
Ready dough is just nice and soft to knead, not wet/sticky but not too dry/hard.
Dust your bench with flour.
Round them into a ball, DO NOT OVER KNDEAD.
Then,  the push down/flatten the dough a bit, dust some flour on the dough and its ready for rolling.
Roll them into around 3cm of thickness approximately.
Cut the dough using a scone cutter, always get ready a bowl of plain flour and
 immerse the cutter into flour so that it won't stick and for easy cutting.
Make sure they are round and pretty!
You can use the remaining dough and repeat again for more scones.
after many rounds of kneading, it wont rise much in the oven and you will get very tight texture.
I am using cupcake mould for the baking, spray a bit just in case it sticks.
If you are using silicon mould, then don't bother about the oil spraying.

Fresh out from the oven, soft texture just almost like bread!
It is best to go with butter and jam, but somehow people love cream and some sugar too!
What about honey???

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