Friday, August 26, 2011

PassionFruit Paradise Baked CheeseCake ^^

Slice of PassionFruit Cheesecake would increase your appetite,
my first time making this cheesecake, playing around with the recipe but still I get the fantastic result ^^
After several hours chilling in the fridge, the cake absorb the passion fruit pulp a bit,
still it looks great!
Out from oven, smooth and even surface is making me to be more excited!
Hot tips: I always strain my cheese mixture before I pour it into the cheese base, to remove all lumps which will give you a smooth texture!
Then, tape to remove air bubbles and its ready to go into the oven!
There I put on some passion fruit pulp, making it prettier and yummy.
I can say, making the base and side crumb is the hardest part.
It is so tricky to make the side all stick together and make sure its even in height.
Spend like 15 minutes getting this part right!
Tips: Make sure you don's make the side crumb too high, or else when you have not enough cheese filling you will be having trouble in removing the excess side crumb which results in all the crumb falling into the middle (unpleasant look)! 
And, always be careful not to break the crumb side when you remove from the oven as while the cake is still hot the crumb is fragile and should be handle more carefully!

Well, you can always trim or correct the side with a pairing knife (after its out from the oven), be careful of the crumb though and make sure you do it when the cake is completely cool down (nah warm would be ok) ^^
There is absolutely no problem to move the cake around into a container, cake box or onto a cake board base.
Just REMEMBER to do it after you chill the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours!
Still, another part of my baking journey, beautiful outcome and wonderful lesson for myself!

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jerome said...

the pastry looks very crispy! yummmy