Monday, August 08, 2011

Strawberry Cupcakes for Ryan's Birthday ^^

Very special cupcakes from Ryan's best friends in Melbourne
for his belated birthday celebration.
Out from the oven weeeee

Looking good, regular in shape.

Happy Birthday to Ryan! Hope you like this belated happy birthday Cupcakes! Out from oven freshly Strawberry Cupcakes with pinky cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh strawberries!
*TIPS: I am using canned strawberry in sugar syrup in the cupcakes, so that its sweet but not sour! And of course, fresh strawberries for the decoration, but remember to glaze it with sugar syrup to add some glossiness and sweetness :D

Guess what, I made the chocolate name plate by myself, piping alphabet with chocolate is hard!
I am sure gonna make it better next time ^^

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