Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Violet Addiction Roonsssss

Weeeee, pretty macaroon with yummy cream cheese filling ^^

I am doing 3 type of shell using 1 batch of macaroon mix:
1. Plain shell with purple white chocolate drizzle.
2. Marble effect shell.
3. Purple Shell with dusted icing sugar.
4 trays of shells using one batch of the recipe.
P/S: I am not using any macaroon template, just pipe according to your feeling .
Even you are using the template, you will still get slightly smaller or larger macaroon shells,
so I don't see any point of using the template.
Plus I am using baking paper this time, hope the bottom will cook properly ^^
Finally, I  achieve the marble effect that I want.
It quite tricky though, you need to use smaller amount of the strong color one to mix with the plain one.
Mix thoroughly, don't mix it too much, or else you cant achieve the marble effect.
I am wondering how would they look like when they are out of the oven??? 
Basically, I have no problem with the piping at all.
No problem with the plain shell, you can see that they come out quite perfect with glossy and even appearance.
The only problem is with the one with the coloring, have to pipe in smaller amount as they are wetter and will go flatter.
Into the oven!
They come out, as you can see, some of them are more brownish, uneven color. This is because of the oven!!! Grrrr
This is so obvious on the plain shell, but never mind we gonna cover them with the chocolate drizzle :)

Even I am using the baking paper, it still take very long time to be cooked! 
My poor ovennnn
Please note that if you eat the shells alone, it gonna be too crispy and hard.
Be patient, wait for the filling because when the shell soak up the moisture of the filling, it will go softer and more chewy to be eaten ^^

Then, match the shells in one pair, make sure size are correct in a pair as u might get slightly smaller/bigger shells due the piping skills. No matter how good you are, you cant control it, you cant get a batch of macaroon shells that  perfect and all same-sized!
Piping, piping, piping.......................

Pipe on the filling. I am using start nozzle this time, piping in a circular motion.
I wanna create something in which when you look at the macaroon form the side,
you can see the star nozzle pattern.
The cream cheese is of a nice consistency this time, I didnt use any milk, or else its gonna be very runny.
See they are quite thick and creamy, even u put it out at room temperature, they still stay hard but creamy.
Most important, they are easy to be piped!!
Just a bit of lemon juice will neutralize the sweetness of the sugar.
I always wanna put a bit of butter in the filling, but sometimes there are just a little bit of the butter lump in the cream cheese mix. Even I strain it, still there's lump in there.
I will use softened butter next time, beat the butter until its soft and fluffy before put in the cream cheese so that it will be all smooth.
Pretty huh ????????? :) I like the pattern that been created by using start nozzle.
Screw on the other shell on the top.

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