Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Thai style Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Prawns

The delicious veggies and seafood for tonight's dinner ^^
Basic ingredients:
garlic, shallot,prawns(marinate with pepper and soy sauce & pinch of sugar) and bean sprouts
My secret sauce hehehehehehehe
First, hot the pan with oil, stir fry the garlic for2 minutes under medium heat.
Then, then add in the prawn and stir until its  60% cooked.
Add in the veggies!
Add some water, wait until the water boil.
Then pour in the sauce and cook for 2 minutes.
Lastly, add in the shallot, stir through for another 1 minutes and its done!

I am a fan of beans sprouts, one of my favourite veggie, but I always do it with only garlic and oyster sauce.
Tonight, I make some changes. Add in my favorite seafood - prawn, you can have other seafood, its optional  ^^
Moreover, I am also using a different sauce. A more spicy and sour sauce, sort of like Thai curry sauce.
You can always use different kind of sauce like black pepper, sweet chilli or even sambal!!
Changing the sauce  of boring this normal dish create more flavor and appetizing.
At last, I add in some shallot to give it a slightly shallot aroma, which is a perfect ending. 

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