Monday, August 08, 2011

Macaroons again, for both cghocolate and Macaroons Loversssss

Stack of Yummy Chocolate Macaroons with chocolate swirl drizzle hehehe...

I take down some pictures in the process of making it, look at those shells before it goes into oven. Nice flat and round with a good consistency requires a not too thin and no too thick macaroon mixture.

Because I'm using silicon mat, So I pipe it abit smaller so that it can cook through the base. For normal size or larger macaroon, I prefer using baking paper or thin silicon mat so that the heat in the oven can penetrate through the sheet and have well-cooked base which will result in a non sticky base and can be taken off the baking paper once its out from the oven.

Not sure about other oven, but my oven is not a great oven for making macaroons. the temperature is so uneven and there's no fan! It makes I have to bake my macaroons in oven for a very long time which annoys me. But, still they come out quite good.

This macaroon shells are sandwich with chocolate ganache, creamy and chocolaty enough ^^

For chocolate lover, you will love this :)

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