Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kiwi CheeseCake with Fresh Kiwis & Cream Cheese Frosting

Always wanna make a kiwi cheesecake, I bake a cheese cake and wanna decorate the kiwi on top of the cake.
its hard to have kiwi flavour in the cheesecake, normally kiwi cheesecake only have fresh kiwi on top as a flavour,
but not really an infused flavour in the cake itself.
I am doing to experiment on this recipe, the conclusion is the cake texture is not as great compared to the rest I have made before. The taste was great but not the eating texture.
The ricotta cheese make the cake more soggy and not a really a tight and compact texture.
I am not gonna use ricotta cheese in my cheese cake next time.
Ahaha, the cheesecake is out from the oven, but it breaks a bit in the middle, so cover them with cream cheese
frosting. And I am using different base recipe for this cake, something like shortcrust pastry but I dont really like it.
The thing is, its more ingredients and more time consuming as you have to bake it first;
 and when you bake with the cake batter lots of oil is coming out which this is not gonna happen when I am using the biscuit crumb as the base.
Lastly, I have an idea to placing some chocolate stripes around the cake.
Match with the kiwi as well as add more visual effect to the cake !!

Fresh kiwis are ready for decorating the cake!
Final outcome, I am very happy with the look and the kiwi arrangement :)

Except for the uneven spreading of the frosting and the cake base border, I am quite glad with what I have did so far.
I know that everything will work better once I get my cake turner stand.
Gonna make the whipped cream border more pretty next time, I learn some lesson from this skill too :)

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