Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mouth-watering Porterhouse Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

Present you : Daphne's Porterhouse Steak With Black Pepper Sauce
I also serve it with some green salad and crispy wedges (for guys)
Stack of porterhouse steak !!
Bought them from Woolworth, they are on special.
And since I'm craving for some meat during my diet period, I guess steak would be the suitable one ^^
For my salad, I am using cos lettuce and tomato.
Like the watery and crunchy lettuce, for tomato, just to add some colour to the salad heheheh
I am doing the dressing with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, honey mustard and black vinegar.
Add some sugar if you want some sweetness.
This dressing is awesome and fits all kinds of salad!

Starting to pan fried my wedges, not gonna deep fried.
Troublesome, using too much oil, and so oilllyyyyy
Pan fried is more healthy I guess.
Gonna remove some excess fats on the steak, inch of fats not gonna taste pleasant.
Tenderize the steak especially on the tougher part.
Rub on some salt & pepper as well.
You can even just serve the steak without any sauce,
just some salt and pepper would bring out the steak flavor.
Steak with only salt & pepper as seasonings is the BEST STEAK!
You will be having the steak with original flavor of the beef that gonna stimulate you taste bud as well as appetite.
 I do put some rosemary to give it a slightly flavor that this spices can bring out.
Optional anyways, you can even put some chopped parsley, oregano on whatever spice that you like^^
Finally , pan fried the steak.
Tips:  use middle-low heat, if u prefer well done steak like me, you have to use lower heat.
What you wanna achieve is cooked meat all the way through into the middle part with golden brownish surface,
so u have to cook  it slowly  with low heat or else you will get very beautiful brownish out layer, but raw middle.
For medium rare : You can use medium-high heat.  Nice color at outside but some redness in the middle.
It always depend on the thickness of the steak.
I am a fan of beef, I can survive without poultry or pork, but I can't live without beef :)))))))))
I think steak is one of the important element in my diet. You can always have beef daily, just the matter of choosing the right part with less fat and the method of cooking it.
Can definitely pan fried, remove excess oil with a paper towel, you can still have delicious meal but with less calorie!

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