Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pandan Kuih Sago ^^

This is one of my favorite kuih, because its made of sago!
Simple but delicious kuih, chewy and with a taste of pandan and coconut.
A pinch of salt in the desiccated coconut would make this kuih to be more yummy and addictive!
Only 5 Ingredients : sago, sugar, coconut and pandan essence and coloring.
Drain any excess water after u soak the sago for 1 hour :)
Mix with the rest of the ingredients
Right into the steamer, I am using a giant cupcake mould though hehe
Try not to use this kind of mould, prefer square or 
rectangle pan as they will cook more Thoroughly.
When it starts to cook, it becomes transparent in color!
Almost cook, you can see the middle still translucent, means its still raw!
There you go, cool and cut it. Coat them with coconut! 
I definitely gonna use square tray which is shallower and the kuih will be cooked more evenly!
Remember to add a pinch of salt into your coconut, this will
make you kuih taste more yummy ^^
Yummmm. Wanna have some??? hehehehehehe

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Anne said...

awesome daphne!!!