Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Velvet Graduation Cupcakes for Brendan Big Day

Finish look of the cupcakes.
I hope Brendan will love the cupcakes, part of my wishes to him on his big day!
I am not happy with the piping though, it looks so ugly for me even though after I cover them with the deco.
Plus the red rtr colors went on the icing when it touches the moisture of the cream cheese frosting :((((
Making the chocolate work was the hardest I think.
I mean piping the word accurately and beautifully on the limited space.
I am good at Capital Letters, but not on small letters.
I tried few times on the chocolate piping, at last I decided to shorten Brendan's name into  "BREN"  haha
What I realize is that doing the writing on a square/rectangle shape molded chocolate is much
more easier compared to the round one.
It looks okay for me.
At first I was thinking of writing the word "congratulations", but then I decided not to because its too hard for me!
Then, move on to my RTR work.
Never think that such a small things requires so much equipment and work.

I am quite happy with the outcome.
I am using Red-colored RTR, I dont think you will be able to get a strong red like that if you color the white one by yourself.
It was ok at first until I realise that the red RTR color went off easily.
You will get you hand colored  and also you equipment.
So, better to work on the white things first before you go on the red.
First attempt on red velvet flavour cupcakes, they taste quite good :)
Actually, I wanted to make 12 cupcakes according to the recipe but I only get 10 :(
And some of them are not even up to the standard size, gonna do1.5-2 of the recipe next time.
Anyhow, I learn a lesson
After a busy morning, I got my cream cheese on the cupcakes.
I am so unhappy with my piping skills.
The problem is with the consistency of the cream cheese frosting, I shouldn't have combine the old batch with  the new one.
Different consistency of the cream cheese make the piping come out ugly.
Also, I wont put so much lemon juice in the cream cheese frosting next time.
I use very softened butter as what I have learnt last time, but today I learn not to put too much liquid into the frosting as its gonna make it too soft/wet.
Decoration will be hardly stick on it and the color went off very quickly.
What  a VALUABLE  lesson for me!

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